Hands For Life – Mid-City New Orleans Corp, established in 2024, is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering access to chiropractic care for underserved individuals facing financial hardships.

Dr. Rueben Carter recognized that those most in need of his services often confronted complex health issues compounded by various barriers to care, including unreliable transportation and limited financial means.

Navigating the healthcare landscape amidst macroeconomic challenges poses formidable obstacles in ensuring quality, equitable, and sustainable care for our community members. Frequently overlooked, these individuals endure pain and disillusionment, shuffled between providers or left to suffer in isolation.

Moreover, healthcare providers extending care to these marginalized groups often find themselves undervalued and overwhelmed by systemic barriers, lacking adequate time, resources, staff, and support.

Hands for Life – Mid-City New Orleans offers a beacon of hope, striving to overcome these hurdles and aid those sidelined by financial strain within the healthcare system. Through innovative strategies, such as forging partnerships, optimizing resource allocation, and harnessing technology for maximal operational efficiency, we aim to meet the community’s needs at scale within our shared office location.

Contact Us:

We welcome inquiries for additional information, grant and funding opportunities, requests for community event sponsorship, expressions of volunteer interest, workshop/conference invitations, suggestions for helpful resources, and financial donations. Hands For Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Hands For Life – Mid-City New Orleans

3308 Tulane Ave Ste 303

New Orleans, LA 70119

Email: HF************@gm***.com

Fax: 504-605-2217

Leadership Team


  • Rueben Carter, DC – President
  • Joanna Dominguez, RN – Secretary
  • Donell Babino, DPT – Treasurer

     Board Members

  • Khalilah Babino, DO – Board Member
  • Adrianne Jackson – Board Member
  • Gabrielle Arrington – Board Member
  • Brandon Bartley – Board Member


To date, Dr. Rueben Carter has generously sponsored over $25,366.46 worth of pro bono chiropractic and massage therapy services to underserved individuals grappling with financial hardships in the New Orleans community.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to create a New Orleans where financial barriers no longer hinder the underserved from accessing essential healthcare services. We strive to provide equitable and sustainable access to chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and yoga, fostering a local and global community where reliance on prescription drugs and narcotic abuse diminishes.

Annually, our goals include sponsoring a minimum of $77,000 worth of subsidized or pro bono chiropractic and massage therapy services, organizing mission trips to support communities in developing or emerging economies, and partnering with other non-profit organizations to co-sponsor community events that align with our values and vision.

Referring Providers

To refer patients meeting financial hardship guidelines, Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are encouraged to fax referrals to 504-605-2217. Please ensure to clearly indicate that the patient meets your office’s established policy and standards for a financial hardship waiver.

Apply for Hands For Life – Mid-City New Orleans Sponsorship

If you’re seeking pro bono or subsidized chiropractic services, please take a moment to complete the form below.

Once submitted, our dedicated staff will carefully review your information to determine eligibility and your sliding scale contribution toward services, ranging from $0 to $20. Expect a follow-up contact via phone or email to discuss your application.

Program Details:

  • If approved, Hands for Life – Mid-City New Orleans will sponsor a maximum of 6 sessions.
  • Your first visit must occur within 1 month from the approval date.
  • The sponsorship remains valid for 6 months from the date of your first visit.
  • Once the maximum number of visits has been reached, you’ll need to re-apply for further approval.
  • Sessions are made possible by the generous funding of our practitioners and individual donors.

For any inquiries about Hands for Life – Mid-City New Orleans or other assistance, please feel free to reach out to Joanna Dominguez at HF************@gm***.com.

Are you ready to get back to living your life?

Our vision is for everyone in New Orleans to have access
to gold standard chiropractic care.